American Diamonds Jewelry

American Diamonds Jewelry is an online boutique, featuring exquisite fine jewelry, premade or custom made as well as a large inventory of loose diamonds at very low everyday prices.


We believe in leaving all customers satisfied and we are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard customer service. We strive to provide our customers with a selection of affordable diamond jewelry and we pride ourselves with the high quality of our diamonds. We strongly believe in the quality of our products, therefore we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

American Diamonds Jewelry

Loose Diamonds

American Diamonds offer a large selection of the world’s finest cut diamonds. Carefully selected to meet exceptional quality standards, the cut, clarity and the colors of their loose diamonds are certified by the most reputed independent diamond grading labs, with the most stringent grading scales, such as GIAEGLIGI, AGI or AGS. Also, each loose diamond sold is accompanied by a grading report from the respective grading laboratory and their diamond search is categorized by each of these labs for Customer’s choice and conveniences. Once a Customer accesses their diamond search, they can narrow down their search by shape, size, price, and other diamond specs and by their desired grading lab. American Diamonds Jewelry provides its Customers with 100% guaranteed conflict-free loose diamonds and they support any process that works to uphold diamond legitimacy in the diamond trade.

Fine Jewelry

For outstanding quality, the diamonds set in their jewelry meet highest craftsmanship quality standards. They’re striving to provide their Customer with the best quality of fine jewelry with diamonds ranging from colorless to near colorless color grades (D-I) and with exceptional to very good clarity grades (VVS1-SI3). These standards apply to all fine jewelry collection, even to pieces that feature very small diamonds. The colored diamonds jewelry collection is crafted by using natural diamonds that have treated to create lustrous colorful diamonds. They use all types and colors of gold from 10k thru 18k, but the large majority of their gold pieces are crafted in white, yellow or pink 14k gold. Nonetheless, American Diamonds offers also a selection of platinum bridal jewelry. Their fine jewelry collection includes a considerable selection of precious and semi-precious gem stones : emerald, sapphire, ruby, garnet, peridot, blue topaz, etc. For their custom jewelry, they design and manufacture upon order, any style in any precious metal and precious or semi-precious stones as per their Customers’ specifications and requirements.  

Silver Jewelry

American Diamonds Jewelry uses only the finest sterling silver stamped with 925 mark of purity. As you browse through their jewelry categories, you will see that they have many sterling silver items set with colored or white diamonds, therefore the quality of the craftsmanship is one of the best.

American Diamonds Jewelry is currently closed.

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