Sapphire vs. Diamond Price: Are Sapphires More Expensive Than Diamonds?

Sapphires are one of the most valuable and captivating gems. However, diamonds rule the realm of precious stones. So, the question is: How do sapphires compare to diamonds?

Are sapphires more expensive than diamonds? If yes, why is that so?

Let’s compare sapphire vs. diamond price!

Sapphire vs. Diamond Price

Sapphire and diamond prices mostly depend on the 4C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat. In general, sapphires are not as expensive as diamonds. They cost significantly less than diamonds of comparable quality. Therefore, if you want a beautiful gem without breaking the bank, you should consider buying a sapphire.

Carat for carat, diamonds are far more expensive than sapphires and most other gemstones. The difference is best seen when you analyze the following table:

Gemstones of comparable quality Carat Weight & Size Price
Diamond 1.0ct (6.5mm) $4,000 or more
White Sapphire 1.0ct (6.5mm) Up to $1000
Blue Sapphire 1.0ct (6.5mm) $1,000 to $2,500
Pink Sapphire 1.0ct (6.5mm) $900 to $1200
Golden Sapphire 1.0ct (6.5mm) Approx. $1000
Purple Sapphire 1.0ct (6.5mm) Up to $900
Emerald 1.0ct (6.5mm) $700 to $1500
Ruby 1.0ct (6.5mm) $900 to $1500

Please do not take any of these listed prices for granted. It is impossible to create a 100% accurate gemstone price list. If you produce one, you can become filthy rich lightning fast! All jewelers will want a taste of your expertise!

Gemstone prices depend on numerous factors. Therefore, do not let anyone fool you (not even me!). No list that enumerates the price of gemstones per carat can be used to assess or compare the value of gems. Such a complex task calls for a detailed analysis performed by a professional!

It is especially true for colored gemstones, such as blue and pink sapphires or rubies. Their price is far more complicated to determine than that of diamonds. A plethora of different hues, tones, and shades, makes it impossible to form a universal and definitive colored gem price index. So, please appreciate my efforts.

What Dictates The Price of Diamonds and Sapphires?

Numerous factors influence the final price of diamonds, sapphires, and most other gemstones. First and foremost, those are the famous 4Cs: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut grade.

All gemstones are priced per their carat weight. It is simple math: one gemstone carat equals 200 mg. Therefore, you can use a precise jeweler’s scale to measure your diamond, sapphire, ruby, or emerald and calculate how many carats it has.

Sapphire vs. Diamond Price

Assessing the price of one carat is the tricky part. There is no universal price list you can look into and be done with it. Every gemstone is unique and has to be appraised on its own.

Therefore, in order to set the price per carat, you need to consider the remaining Cs – the color, clarity, and cut quality, plus the other crucial factors such as rarity, origin, and history of the gemstone.

It is important to note that your mathematical skills are no longer important. The price of diamonds and sapphires does not increase with mathematical progression.

Just because a one-carat diamond costs $1000, does not mean that a two-carat diamond of the same quality will cost double that amount. It will probably cost way more since gemstones tend to be valued much higher the bigger they are.

When you compare white sapphire vs. diamond price, the price difference becomes even greater with the increase in size. The bigger the diamond is, the more expensive it gets. It is because large natural diamonds are super-rare.

Therefore, if you hope to get a big & beautiful centerpiece at a reasonable price, ditch the pricy diamonds and look into white sapphires. With a little bit of luck, no one will tell the difference!

Is The Difference In Price Between A Diamond And A Sapphire Worth It?

Yes, the difference in price between a diamond and a sapphire is well justified. You get what you paid for. Diamonds are higher-quality stones – no one can argue that. They are harder, more durable, and more brilliant than sapphires.

As a result, diamond jewelry is more resistant to scratches and usual wear and tear and boasts a stunning brilliance no one can resist. Even a high-quality white sapphire won’t be as clear, radiant, and sparkly as a diamond. So even though the two gems might look the same at the first glance, the difference is more than evident in the long run.

Sapphire vs. Diamond Price

Of course, having a low-budget alternative is never a bad thing. Even though we all deserve to shine, not everyone can afford expensive diamond jewelry. Sapphires might not match the stunning brilliance of diamonds, but no one can deny their beauty and unique sparkle.

Therefore, sapphires provide you with an opportunity to own a beautiful piece of jewelry without spending as much money as you would on a diamond. They can catch just as much attention, though! Plus, you get to add stunning blue color to your jewelry if you choose so.

Even when money is not an issue, there are potential advantages to choosing a white sapphire over a diamond. Namely, you can get a premium, high-end sapphire for a price of a mediocre diamond. Likewise, if you sacrifice a bit of sparkle and durability, you can reward yourself with a bigger stone in an identical setting.

Final Words

Having compared the sapphire vs. diamond price, I have concluded the following:

Diamond prices might be quite steep in comparison to sapphires and other gems, but not without a good reason. You pay for the extra quality, durability, and enhanced brilliance.

Sapphires make a great alternative to diamonds if you are on a lower budget or want to score a bigger gemstone at the lowest price. You can choose a white sapphire to mimic a diamond or opt for vivid colors to match your personality!

I hope choosing between diamonds and sapphires is now easier for you. If you like what you have just read, please spread the good news! All comments are welcome too!

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